About Gageiro

Get on bord of our traditional gaff sail Gageiro

The historic gaff sail Gageiro

The Gageiro was restored in the 90’s where it also has been equipped with cabines and berth. 

Since then the gaff sail shows the beautiful coast of Algarve to numerous guests on unforgetable day- and week trips.

Some facts about the sailing boat:

Inside the boat we have 11 beds, a kitchen, a toilet and the engine room:

  • weight: 18,6 t
  • lenght: 14,85 m
  • wide range: 4,90 m breit
  • depth: 1,50 m
  • engine: 

In 1996 the biggest allowed engine was installed. It’s an IVECO, type 8061 M12, 115 with a maximum speed of 9 knots.

Portugal-Algarve-Gageiro-sailing-theboat (2)

Gageiro has been on the sea since 80 years now...

..and was originally built in the year 1947 in Portugal from teak and pine wood. It was used for the transport of port wine

If it could speak, it sure would tell great stories of the past decades…

About the rough sea, the romance of the distance, pirates and naval battles, the unique flavour of salt, wood and tar, old pubs in the harbours, where the adventures of past journeys are still present. Most of us connect all these memories and emotions with these ships, which once sailed out on the ocean under greater risks like the modern successors.

With the historic Gageiro sailing boat it’s possible to get back in time, take a short time off from your everyday life, smell the sea air and experience the atmosphere of traditional seafaring. Take a breath, discover the beautiful Algarve with its impressive cliff line, picturesque bays and long and sandy beaches on board of the traditional gaff sailer. 

About our trips:

"Fernando an Jana are incredibly sweet and friendly people, they took great care of me, my family, and the others on board. We [...] laid anchor at a scenic location to jump from the boat into the refreshing water. The entire time we've being served beverages and snacks and the crew was there to answer all our questions and enjoyed talking to us."
Paul W.
Quelle: Tripadvisor
"Great trip, very nice people. Fernando and his team are fantastic. The overall trip led us along the coast, we stopped twice for a swim, great food. More than recommended!"
Ben P.
Quelle: Tripadvisor